Eleven 216 Honey

Forest Preserve Honey, is just that. My apiary in upstate NY backs onto a protected forest preserve in the watershed. The watershed is also protected from farming, chemical pesticides and industry pollution. This makes a clean pure honey.

Eleven 216 Honey, is our urban honey derived from our rooftop hives in Brooklyn. It too is single hive honey. It is sought after for its medicinal value and used to fight allergies. It was voted best honey in the five boroughs. All our Honey is raw.

     Forest preserve                      Honey

    single hive honey

Single hive honey, like scotch, comes from one source. Its not blended with honey from other hives in the apiary. Each hive will gather nectar from different areas. This results in a different tasting honey from each hive. So we bottle the honey from one hive at a time to preserve its unique characteristics.